DectArt International Arts & Artists is a new website that focuses on promoting and organizing exhibitions and artistic projects, with an emphasis on self-taught artists. Discover and celebrate the diversity of self-taught art through DectArt and themed exhibitions in our DectArt museum. Let yourself be inspired by the talent of self-taught artists worldwide.

Welcome to our international online art gallery, where we showcase self-taught artists who have developed into true masters of their craft. Discover unique works born out of inner passion and self-study, without a traditional academic background. In addition to offering artworks, we have been organizing socio-artistic practices since 2009. We utilize art as a means to connect with societal themes and promote participation through workshops, exhibitions, and events. Explore our collection, be inspired by the works of self-taught artists, and participate in our socio-artistic projects. Together, we can make the world of art more accessible and have a positive impact on society.